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I believe creativity is part of my DNA. A desire to create has been evident from early childhood years, to my chosen career as an Interior Designer. I love light colour and form, so artful glass was a natural path for me to delve into. I started making beads and jewellery, but continue to explore glass with other mediums and techniques to create creative stuff. Most recently this has led me to pyrography, metal work, acrylic painting and collages, in conjunction with my glass art. All my glass pieces are created in an open flame, with Italian soft glass and specialist glasses from the USA. Using a variety of techniques I create both solid and hollow forms. These are decorated with combinations of powdered glass and pulled strings of glass, which I use like pencils, melting them onto the surface of the glass form in the flame. The following video demonstrates the process.

Designs applied in the flame with molten glass rods
Blowing glass tubes; hot glass work
Handmade art made with love
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